Nava Lubelski juxtaposes abstract images that represent works of destruction with restorative labor, creating contrasts between space, aggression and femininity.

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Artist Name:  Carsten Nielsen


Artist Name:  Carsten Nielsen



BLU has been killing it recently with these incredible murals commenting on our contemporary world and it’s chaotic nature. 

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Michael Biberstein 

1. Attractor

2. Strange

3. Dark Gilder / J-attractor


Modern Vancouver House in Nature



Oil painting (2012), Koen Lybaert


Oil painting (2012), Koen Lybaert

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Line Segments Space

Installation by Kimchi and Chips features a polygon web of nylon strips, projected on to great effect - video embedded below:

An architectural web of threads subtends a null space. It hangs abstract and undefined, a set of thin positive elements segmenting the dark negative space between. Dynamic imaginary forms are articulated into the physical volume by the material of this thread, and the semi-material of the light. The visual gravity of the filaments occupying the space between.

A 2D canvas is reduced from a surface piece into a line segment, but then constructed into another dimension, a volume. Light creates contrast and order on the lines to articulate digital matter. Digital forms inhabit the interconnected boundaries of space, moulding visual mass,

The artists reference Picasso’s light painting, and Reticuláreas of Gego who’s work offers a contemplation of the material and immaterial, time and space, origin and encounter and art and technology.

You can find out more at Kimchi and Chips’ website here

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Mother of god!

that is fucking sweet

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