Jeanne Heifetz works in a number of materials to recreate patterns found in nature.


Nadya Bertaux via Fiber Art Fever.

Photos : Henri-Alain Segalen.

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Natural Occurence

Javier Riera, Projections & Photography, 2007-2013 

"The step, then, from painting to project and intervention in the landscape through geometrical shapes that alter our vision without leaving any trace on nature once the projector is switched off, opens painting up to another sphere of comprehension, affording it as a total experience: it summarizes aspects related to the processes. With the idea of a performance that is set within elements closer to the legacy of Land Art reread through landscape painting, from a certain meditative melancholy of Romanticism and from a calculated application of new technologies to the procedures of a pictorial viewpoint. 

-Santiago Olmo from ‘Necessary Displacements Or A Photographic Dematerialization of Painting’ on the work of Javier Riera.


Annette Messager


Cause it feels like cocooning…

Camille Dupuis Embroidered shell


Abandoned cooling tower

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Nicholas Hughes - In Darkness Visible, Verses I & II (2005-7)

No lightbut rather darkness visible—John Milton

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